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Note: in order to confuse people, the News section is listed in most-recent-first order, whereas the rest of the sections are ordered by date of creation - in other words, the most recent stuff will be at the end.

Creatures News
8 September 2004
I've just uploaded an updated version of REVELATION for Windows. It now uses a slightly different naming convention for the .cos files that it extracts, meaning that it now works correctly for agent files that contain more than one agent. I'm not currently planning to update the Linux version (mostly because I don't have the same Linux platform I used last time), but I'm willing to give it a try if people are interested. So if you want the Linux version, then send me some feedback.
31 December 2003
Just for the sake of extreme silliness (and because it's been over a year since I actually updated this section), I did DClick's What type of Creature are you? quiz, and the results can be found at the bottom of this page. Not much of an update, I know, but every little bit helps ;-)
28 November 2002
And it's done (note my blazing speed and efficiency!). There are now separate pages for my agents and software; and when (or if) I finally get around to releasing some genomes I'll put a page up for those, too.

I've also redirected the old http://c3ds.ue.cjb.net/ address to point at this page instead of my old one, and I've left some redirector stubs at the bottom of this page, just in case anyone has some old links with #software or similar at the end.
1 November 2002
Well, after a long hiatus (got a full-time job now, makes finding time to do Creatures stuff difficult), here's an update :-)

Mostly I've just copied this page and its content verbatim from my old website; shortly I'll rearrange things a bit, probably by splitting up this page into multiple pages -- one for news, one for agents, one for software, and one for genetics (if I ever get around to that!).
16 March 2002
Fixed a minor bug in REVELATION (the output file prefix was incorrect if no path was specified to the input file). Only the Windows version has been updated so far; the Linux version will be updated when I get a chance.

Released a new tool ("GenSplit"). This is just a quick hack which will explode a genetics file apart into the various organ files. Not much use except when the complete genetics file is too large for your genetics editor to handle. For Windows only.
23 January 2002
All of my own agents (and a couple of descriptions etc in the other two) have now been translated into French, thanks to pasto at Creaturesfrance.

Not much else has changed, so unless you want the French translations there is no need to redownload.
1 January 2002
Another update, so quick on the heels of the first! That is scary.

This time I've done something that should hopefully make the rest of you C3/DS developers happy - I've released Linux versions of my REVELATION and Decompress tools!

Just bear in mind that this is the first Linux software I've actually written (simply compiling other people's packages doesn't count), so it's possible some weird stuff has crept in. One potential problem I can think of at the moment, for example, is that I compiled using shared objects. That took the filesize way down, but it also means you'll probably have to have recent libraries installed. Don't ask me which ones, unless you can also tell me how to find out myself!

Oh, and I also updated the Win32 versions slightly. It's mainly just cosmetic (though I did change some of the REVELATION internals so it'd work under Linux) - there's no need to update if you already have it.
30 December 2001
Being the end of the year and all, I finally decided to get my act together a bit and organise this webpage a little (which mostly just means putting in the jump links above and adding this news section!).

In other news, yesterday I updated the Interface and REVELATION (both Software) to fix a silly mistake that prevented them from running on Win95. Thanks to Carolyn Horn for pointing this one out!

And today (actually, it's the 31st by the time I actually got around to uploading it) I added the Decompress program to the Software section. This is something Carolyn requested, and is only for those sufficiently curious and insane as to want to uncompress the saved world files and take a look inside.

Oh, and I also added Last-Modified dates to all the stuff on this page. I'm thinking about adding a First-Created date as well, but I haven't decided where to put it!


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