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 ARMAX: Codelist Burning Guide

What's this?

This page contains a brief howto guide on creating an ARMAX CD containing a customised codelist, rather than the standard one. It was sent to me by ITSE, and while I have edited it a bit for layout I have not tested any of this myself (as I don't have a modded console anyway). Variations on this method (such as using different software) may also work.

What you'll need

  • Hardware
    • A PS2 with a modchip (or some other means of booting from a CD-R)
    • A PC with a CD-burner and a blank CD-R, and enough free space to store a few CD images
  • Software

How to do it

  1. Install the programs you'll need, if you haven't already.
  2. Using one of the CD-imaging programs, make an image of your ARMAX CD.
  3. Run the MAX Code Manager, configure it (if it wasn't already), download the latest codelist, set up your favourites, and finally export your desired codelist. (Remember where you put it, you'll need it later.) It's best if you choose either PAL or NTSC alone, not both at once.
  4. Open up (one of) the folders where the exported codelist was written, and rename it to either EU_CODELIST.BIN (for PAL codes) or US_CODELIST.BIN (for NTSC codes).
  5. If you wanted to customise both codelists, then do the other one in the same manner. Otherwise, just close MAX Code Manager.
  6. Start UltraISO
    1. Open the image file of the ARMAX CD
    2. Click on RES then on Codelist
    3. Switch to the folder where you exported your custom codelist(s), and drag & drop them into the UltraISO window, so that they overwrite the codelist files that were already there.
    4. Go to Options -> Configuration -> Save, deselect all, then click OK.
    5. Go to File -> Save As and choose where you want to save the new image. Make sure you save it as a .iso image.
  7. Start Mode 1 to Mode 2
    1. Click on Mode 1 ISO and select the .iso file you just saved.
    2. Click on Mode 2 ISO and choose a destination path & filename.
    3. Click on Start to begin the conversion.
  8. Using the same program you used to create the original image of your ARMAX CD, burn the image you just created to a blank CD-R.
  9. Try it out!

While I'm fiddling with the CD, what else can I do?

In RES\Audio on the ARMAX CD is a file called INTRO.MP3. Replace this with another MP3 file (the same way you replaced the codelist) to change the background music.

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