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Well, let's face it -- this is what we do :)

The main reason for the existence of Mirality Systems is for the software that I write; though do bear in mind that this is more of a hobby than a day-job, which is why there isn't all that much of it here.

The Software

At the moment, there are three main programs that I've made publically available:

Dynamic Signature Generator (DynaSig)
  This is a handy little program that will add a randomly selected quote to the bottom of your email or newsreader signature, and (if requested) will switch quotes at regular intervals.

At the moment, this program is undergoing a massive overhaul (and an almost complete rewrite), so isn't available right now. If you're interested, send me some feedback and let me know; if enough people are interested I might either put the old version back up or give higher priority to development of the new version.
Pueblo/UE Client
  Perhaps you've heard of the Pueblo MUD client, originally developed by Chaco Communications, Inc? Well, this is the new and improved version.

Basically, Pueblo/UE is a client program that allows you to connect to and interact with all sorts of virtual worlds on the Internet; for example, MUDs, MUSHes, and MOOs. If you haven't even heard of those before, you should probably read the in-depth description on the Pueblo page. A couple of brief summaries that'll give you the basic idea, however: a world could be similar to either a multiplayer text adventure game, or a chathouse (like a chatroom, but a lot bigger, and you can move around in it) -- and frequently both.
MAX Codelist Manager
  A handy little utility that reads Action Replay MAX codelist files and lets you generate a new codelist containing just those codes that you actually want. Saves lots of space on your memory card!

Creatures Utilities

I've written a few utilities and a few agents for Creatures 3 and Docking Station. They're quite fun, though of course I'm a little biased on the matter :-)

Inno Setup Snippets

I've used Inno Setup quite a bit, and it's by far my favourite installer. I'm pretty active in the Inno newsgroups (at least at the moment), but I thought I'd help out a bit more by posting some handy little snippets that I use myself. If you've ever created an installer with Inno Setup, you should have a look.

Other Software

I've also written a great many other programs that aren't really in a releasable state at the moment, although in some cases it wouldn't take too much work to get them that way. Some of these I wrote for my own use, some of them I wrote just to see if I could, or just for fun.

Here's a list of some of the ones that are closest to completion, and that I think other people might be interested in; if anybody is interested in using one of these, send me some feedback and I might make a public release out of them.
  • Resource browser for several versions of You Don't Know Jack (including the ability to read the questions, play the sounds, and listen to the end-of-game commercials)
  • Vortex contents manipulator for Black and White
  • Savegame world data browser for Dungeon Siege

Note: I don't condone cheating in games (most especially not in multiplayer games). In most cases when I wrote a program that could allow such I did it just for fun (and to see if I could), after I had finished playing the game in question.

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